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Tales for my dog

80 microfictions, from humour to horror

Now published by David Heidenstam under his Grey Dolphin Press imprint.

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Tales for my dog


In the Beginning…
a stage play
now published


One day
a short animation
script available to applicants.

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On these portfolio pages, there are only a few items to begin with. But I hope to post something every week or so.

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Current publications

Apart from Tales for my dog and In the Beginning…, any other items published – poems and stories in magazines – will be mentioned here as they happen.

They’ll probably be much too short to buy a whole magazine for…

But buy one anyway! – poetry and literary magazines are usually broke. Sometimes they don’t deserve to be.


The opening passages of David Heidenstam’s long poem, “Gentle evasions”, are now online in Volume 8 of the American Journal of Poetry, January 2020 (no subscription needed):  http://www.theamericanjournalofpoetry.com/v8-heidenstam.html

 Several of his short poems have recently appeared, or are about to, in the journals Blue Unicorn and Cold Mountain Review (USA), Acumen, En Bloc, Orbis, Pennine Platform, Prole, The Frogmore Papers, and The Journal (UK), Two Thirds North (Sweden), and (pending Covid) Lakeview International (India).

Most of those from Acumen, three short poems from the 1970s, are also online here.

And meanwhile another short ’70s poem, “I have no songs today..”, was included in the Our Poetica anthology from Cathexis Northwest Press (2019).


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